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Alex and Sarah: Great idea to have a guest columnist.

Great post Josh. Really enjoyed reading it. Covers so many areas and provides very useful information.

The piece on corporate learning is very valuable. As intermediaries who support entrepreneurs in this space, it would be great to also learn more about the journeys entrepreneurs go through to get their first 10 clients, then the next 50 and the next 100, 200, 500, 1000+ clients. The decision points are different at each stage for the entrepreneur and also for the client they are pitching too.

I'm quite keen to start creating a framework of impact that gets embedded in journalistic reporting for education and workforce entrepreneurs. Right now its all about scaling up fast and raising money. But as well all know, its a lot more than that. Teams who do a good job, such as EdSurge, JFF etc. could be of support to others to define such metrics.

Akhil Kishore


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