I love the idea that AI will not be the headline, rather AI will support the efforts to solve certain problems. That supports the middle road stance, where AI is useful because it's not necessarily the main focus, the focus is on outcomes with AI.

I also wonder if, Alex, your optimism for funding to be a little more level in 2024 is related to the fact that schools are paying more attention to the data and paying more attention to how & what they're investing in.

It also seems to be a shift in how people are paying attention to EdTech as a field. While generalist investors turned away in 2023, the last 3 years have allowed EdTech to be a part of the pubic narrative of education and learning. Especially as Higher Ed has made some big headlines & Workforce tools have expanded.

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Right on- I think that there is some evidence that schools are quickly wising up to the need for tools that achieve measurable outcomes, and even though their budgets are not expanding, they are redirecting the money toward proven solutions (which might mean academic outcomes, but also things like teacher retention/satisfaction or mental health outcomes).

So as AI starts to get nearer to facilitating any such 'proven solutions' (which I think it will), there may be renewed excitement from investors who want to be part of that wave.

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Love this!

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